Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where's the damn toolbar gone?

Here I am back on my blog, excited to be here, finally have some time. I'm rearing to go, lots of things to say, lots of links I want to make and pictures to add but I get here and my blogs got no toolbar. I've been sitting here for the last 40 minutes trying to figure out where my toolbar has gone. Does anyone know where my tool bar might be??? I've looked in help, I've turned off and come back in, I've highligted everything there is to highlight. There is a wee note down the bottom about shortcuts and I've looked there but it doesn't give me everything I need.

I do have my font box and I can obviously write but nothing else and since the topic of this blog is shifting from Flexible learning to Constructing courses to enhance student learning, I really want access to the things that I think enhance learning.

oh well. Perhaps I'll go do some stuff in good old dependable word and copy and paste it in then go through the tedious process of deleting all the garbage to make it compatible. Ho Hum!

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