Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Inserting Video's from Youtube

Hi people

!!!&*%$%#$@!!! - I have just spent a good half hour editing this post and adding in links but I did not save it as I haven't got my head around saving in my blog. I know - there is a big blue save button at the bottom of this screen. It seems to periodically flash so I assumed it was automatically saving - apparently not - der - Oh well another lesson learnt!

Unfortunately not quite sure why - I went to put in a video link that it would not accept then when I published everything had disappeared. In future, I'll save but also publish before I muck around with links.

Ah well - here goes again.

I have decided to use my blog to retain a record of my blogging learning in addition to meeting course assessment requirements - I know genius right! It is genius for me anyway. So far I have been recording in note books which are getting very hard to follow and I have a tendency to miss place them! Now that I have a blog, this seems a sensible place to keep my blogging notes. I do need to keep notes because I have an appalling memory and I don't tend to retain information that I haven't applied repeatedly.

Inserting Video's

In our flexible learning schedule under 'extra resources' in 'Orientation and Introductions', http://flexible-learning-course.blogspot.com/2009/02/about.html .

Leigh and Bronwyn have provided a link How to embed Youtube into Blogger? which takes us to a Google page of sites. I looked at several sites. The first site seemed very straight forward but unfortunately it did not provide all the instructions I needed. It did not tell me for example that I needed to publish my page in order to view the video. Consequently when I pasted it all I saw was gobbledy goo. In the past I would have thought stupid me, why can't I follow these instructions but on this occassion I thought 'stupid site', I wonder if there is a better one. That's progress!

So I went back and found a video that gave the details my brain requires. I followed the instructions and successfully inserted a video into another post. I then decided to edit this page and imbed the instruction video. Unfortunately I could not and it has taken me several hours of going back and fourth trying to figure out why I could no longer imbed a video. Fortunately I have finally figured it out and have recorded instructions below. This will seem so obvious to those who are social media competent but it may aid others who consider themselves to be a social media ignoramus like myself.

Here is the movie I found useful;

If when having followed the instructions in the video, you get a message that says;
Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tags cannot enclose tags param name="movie" value="

Check that you have activated the 'Edit Html' tab at the top of your text box. The
'Edit Html' tab is activated when it is grey - not when it is blue and underlined.
If the 'Edit Html' tab is blue click on it to activate it.

Note that you will want to activate the 'Compose tab' to edit your blog entry. If you activate compose you will see that it brings up a tool bar along the top of you text box. This has the important tools or variations you would usually use in word.

The steps that I followed to insert a video;

  1. Log into your Blog. Either start a new post or open one you want to edit.
  2. At the top of the text box there are two tabs. Activate the one that says 'Edit Html' byv clicking on it. The tab is grey when activated.
  3. Open another internet page or Tab and open Youtube.
  4. Locate the video you want to imbed.
  5. Locate the grey box beside the video. At the bottom of the box is a bar
    marked 'Embed' .
  6. Click in the bar alongside the title 'Embed'. This should highlight the
    content. If not select the content so that it highlights.
  7. Right click and select copy.
  8. Return to your blog, right click and select paste.
  9. Publish your blog and check 'view blog to ensure you have embedded the video.

I inserted the video below as a practice in my social media class;

Cheers 4 now


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  1. Hi Jenny

    If you're keeping an eye on your Google Reader you will have noticed that I've updated to Social Media blog with notes on our last workshop and suggestions for the next one.


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